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Facing Reality


I created a Facebook page because I realized it was the most annoying thing I could do to my kids. Kids don’t want their parents on a social network they consider their own, and grow especially uncomfortable when their classmates send friend requests to their parents.

Since I’m too old for spring break and too tired to attend many all-night parties, I wasn’t worried about any embarrassing photos showing up on the site. So I was somewhat surprised to realize, with or without business questionable images, that Facebook could create potentially sticky issues. Continue reading

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Losing Time

 I used to fantasize about the ability to save the hour we gain by turning the clocks back each fall. Now I fantasize about the ability to save the countless hours that I lose to technology. Continue reading

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Balancing Act: Man or Technology

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Long after I lost my faith in (most) people, I continued to trust technology. It just seemed easier to believe in something grounded in logic and precision-untouched by the whims of human emotion. Continue reading


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The Heart of Technology

Sign saying Have a Nice Day Technology makes it easy to work from home. In fact, with barely any effort, I can avoid leaving home at all, for work or anything else. I can interface virtually, shop online, digitally connect, living and working in near isolation. But like a meal that satisfies my hunger but not my soul, leaving me longing for something I can’t define, sometimes technology just isn’t enough. Continue reading


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Wanting It All

Someday I’ll tell my grandchildren how it was once possible to call in sick for work just so you could  spend the day at the beach…and never worry the lie would be uncovered by a picture message, Twitter post or video clip on YouTube. In fairness, I’ll probably also feel compelled to explain that we had to go to the library to do research, wait for the mail to get important documents and have photos processed before we could view them. Continue reading


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Can I Just Call You?


Once we wondered whether it was better to have loved and lost, rather than never to have loved at all. Now, in this age of technology, we may be more likely to wonder if it’s better to accept a next generation iPhone from an employer or continue to pay a couple hundred dollars a month for the use of the decidedly low-tech flip-phone we received free with a two-year contract last year.

The decision isn’t as simple as it may seem. Continue reading


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