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Fear of Falling and Being Followed

Fear of Falling--Icarus

Fear of Falling--Icarus

If I could have the superpower of my choice, I’d take the ability to fly. But based on my impulsivity, I’d probably fly too close to the sun, like the Greek god Icarus. So I’d be better off with my second choice…invisibility.

There’s something intriguing about wandering anonymously through the day, going wherever you want, doing whatever you want-no questions asked, no calls from the office.

 And this brings me to Twitter, the impossibly popular micro-blogging service that lets users stay connected through the exchange of short status messages. It’s designed to let you answer the question “What are you doing?” -and share those updates with colleagues, family and friends. Continue reading

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And Then There was Twellow

Remember Twitter? Some say the service just got more useful  to the small business crowd. Continue reading

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Stupid Names

Why smile when you can just look apathetic?

…or Mixing Business with Pleasure

If you read more books than blogs, this is for you. So stay with me for a minute, even if you  get nervous when I talk about DipityRemember the Milk or Twiddla. One of the anomalies of web-based applications is the disconnect between the name and the purpose. A lot of new and existing applications with significant business potential sound painfully akin to a middle school pseudonym or, even worse, a college party game. There’s Twitter, of course. And the ever popular Yahoo.

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