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Facts or Feelings

 Driving through Hollywood Hills more than a year ago, I was awed by the view, the homes and the unusually large number of “For Sale” signs. But I was struck even more by what I couldn’t see-a sense of foreboding or impending doom. Something just didn’t feel right, though I was clueless to say what.

Back in New York, I shared the experience with a commercial real estate broker I’d called to discuss technology. And he knew exactly what I was referencing. “Real estate,” he acknowledged, “has a heartbeat. And sometimes you hear it, even when you don’t want to.” Continue reading

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Can I Just Call You?


Once we wondered whether it was better to have loved and lost, rather than never to have loved at all. Now, in this age of technology, we may be more likely to wonder if it’s better to accept a next generation iPhone from an employer or continue to pay a couple hundred dollars a month for the use of the decidedly low-tech flip-phone we received free with a two-year contract last year.

The decision isn’t as simple as it may seem. Continue reading


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You’ve Got Mail or Maybe Not

There’s a little publicized provision in US Postal Service rules that can protect you from your own stupidity. It gives you the chance to recall letters you sent, by accident or impulse.

A Scathing Email Error…You have to act fast, of course, because you can’t recall something that’s already been delivered.

I’ve never seen the Postal Service advertise this option. And none of the people I asked in an unscientific, informal survey knew they could recall something they’d mailed.

So riddle me this: At a time when the volume of First-Class mail is falling-and the Postal Service claims it needs junk mail to survive-why isn’t the Right to Recall the focus of a nationwide ad campaign? It’s the single most significant advantage postal mail has over e-mail. Continue reading


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Technology: Hey, It’s Only As Good As the User

arrow near fuel pump iconWhenever I drive an unfamiliar car, I rely on luck to determine where the fuel filler cap is located. So I was surprised when my novice teen driver told me to check the little arrow near the fuel pump icon on the gas gauge.
It’s located inside the image or right beside it, at least on most newer cars. The arrow points to the side of the car with the filler cap.

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Solar Storms Could Knock Out Electricity, Wireless Technologies

SunSevere space weather is threatening everything from power grids to cell phones. The culprit is Solar Cycle 24, an 11-year-period of magnetic storms and strong solar winds that started in early 2008.  The number of  storms will gradually increase in the next few years, reaching a maximum by 2012.Solar storms affect electronics on Earth by generating intense magnetic fields.  They can affect everything from power grids and satellite communications to GPS, cell phones, ATMs and even medical devices like pacemakers. Continue reading


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Is GPS The New Speed Dial?

CSR and Samsung slash cost of GPS modules for mobile devicesTwo major companies are slashing the cost of GPS modules used in cells phones, media players and personal navigation devices. CSR, a leading global provider of personal wireless technology, is cutting the cost of the technology by 50% through a partnership with Samsung.

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How Do I Turn This Thing On?

Apple 1 I named my first wireless network cry for help. At the time, I wasn’t even sure what I was naming. It just seemed appropriate because the guy who asked me for a name was the one I called in fear and desperation every time one of my computers crashed.

That was more then 10 years ago, and I wasn’t all that comfortable with technology back then. Apparently, a lot of people still aren’t. Continue reading

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