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Digital Dark Age

A Moment in Time One of the advantages of being older than 30 is having a slim electronic record of your adolescence. In the days when cameras were too bulky to fit in the palm of your hand and the cost of film made candid shots a luxury, few moments of teen stupidity endured beyond the moment.

Now there are voluntary and involuntary records of almost everything-a fact most teens savor until they start looking for a job. The ironic thing is those hefty collections of images and video may fade faster than the relatively few photographs that haunt those born before 1980. Continue reading


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Balancing Act: Man or Technology

new technology

Long after I lost my faith in (most) people, I continued to trust technology. It just seemed easier to believe in something grounded in logic and precision-untouched by the whims of human emotion. Continue reading


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The Fall

I have a degree in journalism, not economics. So while that makes me potentially qualified to run for vice president, it doesn’t make me an expert on the banking crisis.

But I know enough to know this: Technology wasn’t the problem.

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The Heart of Technology

Sign saying Have a Nice Day Technology makes it easy to work from home. In fact, with barely any effort, I can avoid leaving home at all, for work or anything else. I can interface virtually, shop online, digitally connect, living and working in near isolation. But like a meal that satisfies my hunger but not my soul, leaving me longing for something I can’t define, sometimes technology just isn’t enough. Continue reading


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Can I Just Call You?


Once we wondered whether it was better to have loved and lost, rather than never to have loved at all. Now, in this age of technology, we may be more likely to wonder if it’s better to accept a next generation iPhone from an employer or continue to pay a couple hundred dollars a month for the use of the decidedly low-tech flip-phone we received free with a two-year contract last year.

The decision isn’t as simple as it may seem. Continue reading


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Top 10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Technology

technology has come a long way

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with technology. It’s great when it works, but just when we start to get used to it, it stops. Usually without warning…leaving us hopelessly struggling to recover whatever it was we planned to back-up the night before, but didn’t.

Still, despite it’s failures and freezes, its over complications and intermittent unreliability, there are plenty of reasons to be thankful for technology–especially if you work in commercial real estate or other industry that revolves around travel, meetings, data and client contact. Here are several to consider: Continue reading


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Is It Me or Technology?

Tight spot for truck driverAccording to every GPS device I’ve ever encountered, my house is located half way down the block–four houses away from its actual corner location. And while I realize every satellite navigation system has a margin of error, this mistake is peculiar because it remains consistent from system to system.

Maybe I bought the wrong house, and only think the one I purchased is actually where it is. Or maybe someone made an entry error on some master mapping software program. Continue reading


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