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Facing Reality


I created a Facebook page because I realized it was the most annoying thing I could do to my kids. Kids don’t want their parents on a social network they consider their own, and grow especially uncomfortable when their classmates send friend requests to their parents.

Since I’m too old for spring break and too tired to attend many all-night parties, I wasn’t worried about any embarrassing photos showing up on the site. So I was somewhat surprised to realize, with or without business questionable images, that Facebook could create potentially sticky issues. Continue reading

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Fear of Falling and Being Followed

Fear of Falling--Icarus

Fear of Falling--Icarus

If I could have the superpower of my choice, I’d take the ability to fly. But based on my impulsivity, I’d probably fly too close to the sun, like the Greek god Icarus. So I’d be better off with my second choice…invisibility.

There’s something intriguing about wandering anonymously through the day, going wherever you want, doing whatever you want-no questions asked, no calls from the office.

 And this brings me to Twitter, the impossibly popular micro-blogging service that lets users stay connected through the exchange of short status messages. It’s designed to let you answer the question “What are you doing?” -and share those updates with colleagues, family and friends. Continue reading

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Is It Time to Unplug?

 Technology gives us speed, convenience and depth of information. But is faster and easier always an advantage–or does too much data offer anything more than a base for self-fulfilling expectations?

We’re inundated with bad news and even worse forecasts. Consider this uplifting assessment of the commercial real estate industry, posted recently on the Internet by Paul Craig Roberts, assistant secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration: Continue reading


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Facts or Feelings

 Driving through Hollywood Hills more than a year ago, I was awed by the view, the homes and the unusually large number of “For Sale” signs. But I was struck even more by what I couldn’t see-a sense of foreboding or impending doom. Something just didn’t feel right, though I was clueless to say what.

Back in New York, I shared the experience with a commercial real estate broker I’d called to discuss technology. And he knew exactly what I was referencing. “Real estate,” he acknowledged, “has a heartbeat. And sometimes you hear it, even when you don’t want to.” Continue reading

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Losing Time

 I used to fantasize about the ability to save the hour we gain by turning the clocks back each fall. Now I fantasize about the ability to save the countless hours that I lose to technology. Continue reading

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Grappling with Technology

There’s a website that boasts it’s so simple that “even a broker can use it.” It’s a tongue-in-cheek way to reassure CRE professionals about the ease of using the web-based application. But the message is only partly in jest.

A surprising number of smart, successful, well-educated people are still paralyzed by technology. Like a newborn in the arms of a childless person, they hold it nervously… fearful of breaking it, anxious about potential mistakes, data loss and irreparable errors. Continue reading


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Human Error

Find a source for your mistakesTechnology makes it quicker, easier and more convenient to do many tasks. Unfortunately, it hasn’t erased human error or the complications of simple mistakes.

Take electronic fund transfers, for instance–a common component of modern work and life. At their best, they’re fast and efficient, benefiting everyone from a commercial real estate broker juggling a potentially volatile deal to someone trying to authorize payment of an overdue phone bill. Continue reading


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