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Lessons From the Election

Man struggling under weight of informationIf you had asked me 18 months ago what I expected to learn from the Presidential election, I might have said something silly – like more information about the issues. Instead, I learned more than I expected about technology and its potential impact on virtually everything.

In the waning days of the campaign, I spent a lot of time thinking what a mistake it is to look at technology as simply a convenience. Technology makes it easy for anyone to do almost anything–take photographs, shoot video, research a topic or post unedited information on the Internet.

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Why Can’t Technology Block Our Stupidity?

Don’t you love technology?

The smartest man I know is having an almost impossible time transitioning to a new email provider. He can’t figure out how to use the auto-suggest feature, so he constantly sends messages to the wrong email account—or, occasionally, the wrong person.

But he’s not alone.

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