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Can Virtual Estimates Create Real World Wealth?

Losing a million dollars has never been so easy. Or so painless.
Consider this. In the past week, the value of my house has dropped from $6.6 million to $5.5 million.
Should I worry? Sink into spiraling depression? Cry, perhaps? Or just forget about it?

I’m going with the last option. The fact is I really don’t care. Continue reading


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Technology: Hey, It’s Only As Good As the User

arrow near fuel pump iconWhenever I drive an unfamiliar car, I rely on luck to determine where the fuel filler cap is located. So I was surprised when my novice teen driver told me to check the little arrow near the fuel pump icon on the gas gauge.
It’s located inside the image or right beside it, at least on most newer cars. The arrow points to the side of the car with the filler cap.

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