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Is It Time to Unplug?

¬†Technology gives us speed, convenience and depth of information. But is faster and easier always an advantage–or does too much data offer anything more than a base for self-fulfilling expectations?

We’re inundated with bad news and even worse forecasts. Consider this uplifting assessment of the commercial real estate industry, posted recently on the Internet by Paul Craig Roberts, assistant secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration: Continue reading


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Grappling with Technology

There’s a website that boasts it’s so simple that “even a broker can use it.” It’s a tongue-in-cheek way to reassure CRE professionals about the ease of using the web-based application. But the message is only partly in jest.

A surprising number of smart, successful, well-educated people are still paralyzed by technology. Like a newborn in the arms of a childless person, they hold it nervously… fearful of breaking it, anxious about potential mistakes, data loss and irreparable errors. Continue reading


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