About Realty Bytes’ Noreen Seebacher

Noreen Seebacher, a New York City-based writer, reporter and online content producer, began this site as Realty Bytes when she was technology editor of Real Estate Media’s GlobeSt.com. When the recession ended the position, she modified the title to the more appropriate Reality Bytes

The site was intended to explore the relationship between real estate and technology. Noreen traces her love of technology to a cross-country trip she took as a child in a VW Super Beetle. With no air conditioning and little heat, the car taught her that simplicity has its limits–and that innovation is essential. She now drives a car with all-season climate control (along with GPS, an iPod dock and a lot of other fun technologies).  In its original incarnation as Realty Bytes, Noreen focused on the impact of technology in commercial real estate.   Now, as Reality Bytes, she just focuses on what she wants–especially the impact of stupidity on  life.   View Noreen Seebacher's LinkedIn profileView Noreen Seebacher’s profile

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