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Losing Time

 I used to fantasize about the ability to save the hour we gain by turning the clocks back each fall. Now I fantasize about the ability to save the countless hours that I lose to technology. Continue reading

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Say What? The Art of Blogging

Do I really care what so many people are saying? Blog This by Despair.comOne out of every 10 US adults publishes a blog, according to a new study by Interpublic’s Universal McCann unit. Eighteen to 34-year-olds are even more prolific: one in five has a blog.

And while I’m sure Ben Franklin would be pleased that technology has finally put the power of the press in the hands of the people, there are a few things I just have to ask.

Does anyone care what bloggers are saying?

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Just Bouncing Around

Sometimes, technology 031708-1318-justbouncin1.jpgfails. And when it does, it ends up in the trunk of my car.

There’s a hard drive in there, along with a keyboard, a CD-ROM drive and a cell phone. There are two motherboards—the one that originally failed as well as the defective replacement I received from the manufacturer.

The broken products are all wrapped and packaged, ready to return to the manufacturer. But here’s the problem. The same technology that allows me to track a shipment in real time by phone or Internet precludes me from scheduling return package pick-up. Continue reading

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