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Online Property Scam Raises Questions

Technology has changed the way properties are bought and sold. But it’s also created a world of opportunity for fraud and scams. Just recently, the National Association of Realtors warned that its name is being used as part of a property rental scheme. Continue reading


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Doing More With Less

Commercial real estate managers are under intense pressure to increase corporate profit margins. It’s a challenging task:

To achieve this goal, they have to  maintain high occupancy levels, invest in the right markets at the right time, deliver projects on time and on budget, and control operational costs – all while strategically planning growth or diversification.  Continue reading

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Human Error

Find a source for your mistakesTechnology makes it quicker, easier and more convenient to do many tasks. Unfortunately, it hasn’t erased human error or the complications of simple mistakes.

Take electronic fund transfers, for instance–a common component of modern work and life. At their best, they’re fast and efficient, benefiting everyone from a commercial real estate broker juggling a potentially volatile deal to someone trying to authorize payment of an overdue phone bill. Continue reading


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Lessons From the Election

Man struggling under weight of informationIf you had asked me 18 months ago what I expected to learn from the Presidential election, I might have said something silly – like more information about the issues. Instead, I learned more than I expected about technology and its potential impact on virtually everything.

In the waning days of the campaign, I spent a lot of time thinking what a mistake it is to look at technology as simply a convenience. Technology makes it easy for anyone to do almost anything–take photographs, shoot video, research a topic or post unedited information on the Internet.

But that’s the problem. Continue reading

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Is It Me or Technology?

Tight spot for truck driverAccording to every GPS device I’ve ever encountered, my house is located half way down the block–four houses away from its actual corner location. And while I realize every satellite navigation system has a margin of error, this mistake is peculiar because it remains consistent from system to system.

Maybe I bought the wrong house, and only think the one I purchased is actually where it is. Or maybe someone made an entry error on some master mapping software program. Continue reading


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You’ve Got Mail or Maybe Not

There’s a little publicized provision in US Postal Service rules that can protect you from your own stupidity. It gives you the chance to recall letters you sent, by accident or impulse.

A Scathing Email Error…You have to act fast, of course, because you can’t recall something that’s already been delivered.

I’ve never seen the Postal Service advertise this option. And none of the people I asked in an unscientific, informal survey knew they could recall something they’d mailed.

So riddle me this: At a time when the volume of First-Class mail is falling-and the Postal Service claims it needs junk mail to survive-why isn’t the Right to Recall the focus of a nationwide ad campaign? It’s the single most significant advantage postal mail has over e-mail. Continue reading


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More Money Than Sense

I once considered early adopters of technology more sophisticated than the average person. But now I think they’re just tech obsessed…or, in the case of Apple enthusiasts, people with unusually large supplies of disposable income.

After my experience with betamax, MiniDiscs, LaserDiscs, recordable DVD players and other so-called next big things, I’ve grown cautious with new technologies.  

I’ve never had time for patience. But I don’t have the money to be impulsive anymore. Continue reading


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