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Grappling with Technology

There’s a website that boasts it’s so simple that “even a broker can use it.” It’s a tongue-in-cheek way to reassure CRE professionals about the ease of using the web-based application. But the message is only partly in jest.

A surprising number of smart, successful, well-educated people are still paralyzed by technology. Like a newborn in the arms of a childless person, they hold it nervously… fearful of breaking it, anxious about potential mistakes, data loss and irreparable errors. Continue reading


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Tech Fears Revisited

A decade ago, when I named my first wireless network Cry for Help, I was more intent on keeping technology at arm’s length than bonding with it. I didn’t understand even the basic equipment I owned and constantly worried that it would just stop working, for no apparent reason.

I thought computers devoured data for sport, to boost their AI quotient in preparation for some future robot uprising. Continue reading

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