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Making Do With Less

Four years ago I fell into the abyss that would come to be known as the Great Recession. In a matter of weeks, jobs were lost, paychecks vanished, and my lifestyle changed. Read more…

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Fear of Falling and Being Followed

Fear of Falling--Icarus

Fear of Falling--Icarus

If I could have the superpower of my choice, I’d take the ability to fly. But based on my impulsivity, I’d probably fly too close to the sun, like the Greek god Icarus. So I’d be better off with my second choice…invisibility.

There’s something intriguing about wandering anonymously through the day, going wherever you want, doing whatever you want-no questions asked, no calls from the office.

 And this brings me to Twitter, the impossibly popular micro-blogging service that lets users stay connected through the exchange of short status messages. It’s designed to let you answer the question “What are you doing?” -and share those updates with colleagues, family and friends. Continue reading

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Say What? The Art of Blogging

Do I really care what so many people are saying? Blog This by Despair.comOne out of every 10 US adults publishes a blog, according to a new study by Interpublic’s Universal McCann unit. Eighteen to 34-year-olds are even more prolific: one in five has a blog.

And while I’m sure Ben Franklin would be pleased that technology has finally put the power of the press in the hands of the people, there are a few things I just have to ask.

Does anyone care what bloggers are saying?

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Stupid Names

Why smile when you can just look apathetic?

…or Mixing Business with Pleasure

If you read more books than blogs, this is for you. So stay with me for a minute, even if you  get nervous when I talk about DipityRemember the Milk or Twiddla. One of the anomalies of web-based applications is the disconnect between the name and the purpose. A lot of new and existing applications with significant business potential sound painfully akin to a middle school pseudonym or, even worse, a college party game. There’s Twitter, of course. And the ever popular Yahoo.

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Allergic to Technology

Cell phones and iPods can give you allergies

I didn’t sneeze much when I was a kid. Neither did many of my friends.

Presumably it’s because we didn’t have iPods.

New studies say technology causes allergies, just like pollen, mold and  dust.

“Technophiles should take caution that some of their favorite gadgets may be the culprit of certain allergy symptoms,” says Dr. Todd Rosengart, chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Stony Brook University Medical Hospital on Long Island, NY and chief medical advisor of MDX Medical, the company that created, a doctor evaluation site. Continue reading


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Tech Fears Revisited

A decade ago, when I named my first wireless network Cry for Help, I was more intent on keeping technology at arm’s length than bonding with it. I didn’t understand even the basic equipment I owned and constantly worried that it would just stop working, for no apparent reason.

I thought computers devoured data for sport, to boost their AI quotient in preparation for some future robot uprising. Continue reading

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