A Glimpse of the Future

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This may be what the future looks like, at least according to predictions Stephen Elop, President of the Microsoft Business Division, made at the Wharton Business Technology Conference in Philadelphia last month. e ” he said…and in just 10 years.

The potential impact on everything, especially commercial real estate, is immense. But as Elop explains, “to successfully navigate the many uncertainties facing us in the future, businesses need to have a North Star. Even during tough times, you need to know where you’re going, and how you’re going to pull through this.”

Is this where we’re heading?

Here’s an expert from Elop’s speech:

Over the last decade, our expectations for the usage of, and how we apply technology have evolved dramatically. Consider how far we’ve come in just the last decade. The Internet has gone from completely rudimentary to essential in our lives. Today’s mobile phones are as powerful as PCs from a decade ago.

Social networking has certainly entered education, and is now entering the workforce. Alternative user interfaces, including tablet PCs, touch phones, voice-driven search have become more commonplace. Affordable and high quality unified communication technologies are poised to transform workplace communication, making the traditional desk phone as obsolete as a typewriter. It’s on its way out. It may be gone by the time you hit the workforce.

Despite much advancement, we still have a long, long way to go. We are presented with tremendous opportunities to improve how we interact with technology, and how we do business. We envision in the future that interacting with technology will be more like interacting with people.

Voice recognition will supplant keyboards. Displays and screens will show up everywhere on every wall, every tabletop, any large surface will become an extension of your mobile device, capable of displaying information with a flip of a finger so that you can make the best use of your physical environment. These environments will make technology even more accessible, and they will unlock the potential of computation to enable individuals and communities to solve their toughest problems.

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One response to “A Glimpse of the Future

  1. We all know that software, hardware and related technologies will continue to evolve for more features and better quality. That’s what keeps the economy going.

    However what will provide the greatest benefits and ROI for the Real Property industry will be improving the efficiency, consistency, transparency and exchange of information that everyone requires to conduct business.

    Decisions and transactions are made with information. Until we as an industry come together to establish a commonly used taxonomy (definition of terms) for how we enter and exchange information into the various software applications operating inside of all the new technology, we’ll be missing out on very real and high value business process improvements.

    For an example of what I’m describing, your readers might wish to check out the webvideo created by Cushman & Wakefield who exchange appraisal reports with the Loan Underwriters at Prudential Capital.

    For more about the value created by industry leaders collaborating to improve how their organizations conduct business, including C&W, Prudential, Integra Realty and Snapwire, check out an interview with them.

    Thanks Noreen for your excellent articles.
    Andy Fuhrman, CEO
    OSCRE Americas, Inc.

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