Willing Away the Recession

Trace Trajano, a Procter and Gamble engineer and real estate investor, has a novel way of dealing with the recession. He simply refuses to accept it. “A lot of it is a mindset, so if you think there’s a recession, then there is,” he argues.

Trajano has created a website called refusetojoinrecession.com. He describes it as a place for people succeeding in spite of the economy to share “stories, techniques, tips and strategies” about investments, assets or potentially profitable businesses.

Two of those who’ve shared their stories are Mark Gomer, who used to own a dog training academy, and his business partner, Tom Hammons, a retired school teacher who’s watched his commercial real estate ventures deteriorate over the past few years. “Everybody’s in the same boat right now,” Gomer explained. But that boat’s sinking, so we have to get out of it—and into another one.

He and Hammons claim their Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing firm is now creating wealth for a lot of people.

“If perceptions shape reality, as many people believe, then can we shift the direction of the economy simply through actions like these? Can commercial real estate really benefit from collective optimism?

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One response to “Willing Away the Recession

  1. Hi!

    Nice blog you have here.

    I just like to point out – the website – http://www.RefusetoJoinRecession.com is not about “willing away the recession”. As I said in my press interview, positive thoughts are not enough. You have to do something about your state to rise above this recession.

    The truth is this: there are more millionaires created during times of crises than good times. The Great Depression created more wealth to more millionaires, and billionaires than any other time in history.

    In fact, the whole reason why I created the website in the first place is that I got inspired by people like Tom Hammons, Greg Updegrove and Mark Gomer who are making MONEY even during the recession…and in some cases, they are making even MORE money.

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