How Do I Turn This Thing On?

Apple 1 I named my first wireless network cry for help. At the time, I wasn’t even sure what I was naming. It just seemed appropriate because the guy who asked me for a name was the one I called in fear and desperation every time one of my computers crashed.

That was more then 10 years ago, and I wasn’t all that comfortable with technology back then. Apparently, a lot of people still aren’t.

In the latest  technology survey from the National Association of Realtors, 12% of the sales agents and associate brokers who responded said technology has little or no value to them. More than a third–35.3%–said there’s more than enough technology in their office. They definitely don’t want to add any more. 

Maybe it’s fear of technology, “a persistent, abnormal and unwarranted fear of technology or computers.” Some psychologists say fear of technology is a real condition that causes panic attacks and keeps people apart from loved ones and business associates.

Well, yea…if you depend on a piece of equipment you don’t understand, and can’t get it to turn on when you need it, my guess is you’ll panic. And have very little interest in that moment in hanging out with friends or family.

Technology, at its best, is easy to love. But gone wrong, or rather, used wrong, it’s oh so easy to hate.  Try making a point at a meeting over the curiously annoying vanity rings of multiple cell phones. Or just try to get someone’s attention when the person is wearing iPod earphones, lost in song.

Will technophobes and early adopters ever get along?

Here’s the thing tech aficionados already know: Technology isn’t as frightening as it seems.

It doesn’t replace personal relationships, tether you to your office 24/7 or force you to give up a real social life in favor of a virtual one. It just makes some tasks quicker, easier and more complete.

The key is getting to know it.

The focus of this space is making technology work for you in commercial real estate. Share your thoughts on what you like and what you don’t–your hits and your misses–by responding in the comments section below. We’ll sort it out together.

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One response to “How Do I Turn This Thing On?

  1. Bill Marshall

    This is really on target! Great piece

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